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How to Enable VMware to See My USB Drive

Author : wetwem Date : 12/18/2013 5:22:11 AM
 The VMware Fusion program provides a PC-like window on the screen of the Macintosh computer it has been installed on. You can enable the PC-like computer that is now running on your Mac to see any USB drive attached to it in the same manner as if the drive were directly plugged into a PC. You will need to adjust a few settings but otherwise no special skills are needed. The PC-like computer that is now running on your Mac through VMware Fusion can use the USB hard drive in the same way as that of any PC running Windows.
Double-click on the icon of the VMware program inside of the “Applications” folder to launch it. Click on the “>” arrow that is next to the Windows operating system inside of the VMware Fusion start-up window that appears on the Mac desktop. Wait as the Windows operating system starts up inside a window on the Mac’s screen.
Plug the USB cable of a USB hard drive into a USB port on the Mac once the Windows desktop appears inside of the VMware Fusion window. Click on the “Windows has discovered new hardware” pop-up window on the Toolbar menu at the bottom of the desktop.
3.Follow the menu commands on the “Wizard” screens that appear to add the USB hard drive to the Windows operating system. Click the “Finished” button on the “Wizard” screen to make the screen disappear.
Double-click on the icon of the USB hard drive that is now on the desktop. Drag files in or out of the USB hard drive’s window that appears on the desktop to copy files to or from the drive.
Right-click on the icon of the USB hard drive when you are done using it. Select “Eject” from the pop-up menu. Disconnect the USB hard drive’s cable from the USB port of the Mac. Suspend or quit the VMware Fusion program by clicking the appropriate button in the VMware Fusion start-up window.
Tips & Warnings
Always run the most recent version of VMware Fusion to ensure that any bugs the makers have discovered are no longer there.
A Windows operating system will have to be purchased in order to run a PC-like computer on the Mac using VMware Fusion.