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How to Format a USB Flash Drive to NTFS

Author : weterm Date : 2014-1-14 21:31:15

A flash or thumb drive is a compact storage device that utilizes the Universal Serial Bus (USB) interface to connect to a computer. Formatting is a mandatory procedure to prepare any drive for data storage using a certain type of the file system. The NT file system (NTSF) introduced since Windows NT became a default one in later operating system versions such as Windows XP or Vista. NTSF has advantages over an alternative file allocation table (FAT) system due to greater file security and better space compression. Use the Windows Explorer format tool to quickly format the USB drive.



 A USB port Place the USB drive into a USB port on your computer.
Click the "Start" button in Windows.


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Double-click on "Computer" from the Start menu to open Windows Explorer.

Right-click on the USB drive icon in Windows Explorer and choose the "Format" option.

Select "NTSF" in the "File System" box and click the "Start" button.

Click "Yes" to confirm formatting. The conformation is needed since the format procedure will erase all files from the USB drive.

Close Windows Explorer when you see the message, "Format is complete."