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How to Make a Flash Drive a Recovery Disk

Author : Date : 11/28/2013 8:29:21 PM

How to Make aFlash Drive a Recovery Disk


Windows users have long had the option of using optical discs like CDs and DVDs for system recovery. Discs, however, are physically large, easily damaged and, perhaps most importantly, relatively slow when it comes to reading and writing data. That's why information technology professionals have taken to using small flash drives for their installation and recovery needs. Flash drives are smaller, more durable and much faster than discs, which makes them ideal for the stressful process of repairing damaged data


Download and install Microsoft's "Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Too.l" This program's sole purpose is to copy Windows installation files to a flash drive and then make it bootable. Once the flash drive is bootable, it can both install Windows and repair existing Windows installations.

Run the tool and click the "Browse" button to open a standard file-selection menu. Navigate to your Windows 7 Installation ISO and double-click it. The ISO is an exact replica of the contents of the Windows 7 DVD. If you purchased Windows 7 online, the ISO is the file you downloaded. If you purchased Windows 7 from a store, you will first need to create an ISO of your Windows 7 DVD using a disc-authoring program like CloneDVD, MagicISO or Daemon Tools, all available for free online.

Click "Next," then select the "USB device" option.

Select the flash drive you wish to use for system recovery from the drop-down menu, then click "Begin copying" and wait for the tool to finish configuring the drive. Once it's done, the drive will be able to repair damaged Windows installations and even install fresh copies of Windows.