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How to Mount an ISO to a USB Flash Drive

Author : weterm Date : 11/28/2013 8:25:28 PM

How to Mount an ISO to a USB Flash Drive

An ISO image is an archived file that can copy all the files, file structures and data stored on an optical disc. It can be used as an alternative for media or software distribution over an Internet connection. Files can be opened and utilized when placed or mounted on a USB flash drive. Many smaller netbooks and smart phones do not have CD/DVD drives but they do have ports for USB flash drives. Mounting an ISO to a USB flash drive requires a few steps to configure.


Download the Windows 7 USB/DVD Download utility (See "Resources") and install it onto your computer following the command prompts. Copy your ISO file to the C Drive on your computer. Plug your USB flash drive into your computer.

Click "Start" and then click "Programs." Click "Accessories" and then click "Command Prompt." Type "isoavdpcopy.exe" at the "c:\" command prompt.


Enter "isoavdpcopy <filename>" on the next line and change "filename" to the name of your file.

Type "Exit" at the command prompt. Click "Start" and then click "Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool."

Click "Browse" within the source file box and select the ISO file within the "Open" dialogue pane and click "Next."

Choose "USB Device" to begin mounting the ISO to your USB flash drive.

Choose the USB flash drive in the drop-down box and click "Begin Copying." Click "Setup.exe" when the ISO has been copied to find and open your file. You have now mounted an ISO to a USB flash drive.


Tips & Warnings
Windows XP users must install Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 and Microsoft Image Mastering API v2. You can download these for free from Microsoft.