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How to Protect Private Data on USB Flash Drive

Author : weterm Date : 11/19/2013 1:55:01 AM
USB flash drives make it easy to carry your data with you and to use it on any computer. However, carrying private data on your USB flash drive is also risky, because tiny flash drives are easily mislaid, lost, or even stolen. Taking proactive steps to protect your data can save you grief later


  1. Require a password to access the drive. Some USB flash drives come with a program that lets you set up a password the first time you use your flash drive. If your drive doesn't come with such a program, buy and download a password manager program and install it.

  2. Encrypt all the data on your USB flash drive. Encrypted data can only be accessed by users who have the right information to unlock it. Encryption helps protect your data if someone else gets ahold of the drive and cracks the password.
     3.Install anti-virus software. When your USB flash drive is infected with a virus, you may loose data, loose access to your files, or have your data become accessible to remote hackers. Installing anti-virus software helps your flash drive remain virus-free.

     4  Securely delete data that you no longer need to have on your drive. Regular delete methods may not remove all remnants of your data. Download a program that performs multiple wipes for extra security.