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How to Use Elonex ONEt Plus USB Flash

Author : WeTerm Date : 12/13/2013 10:18:00 PM
The Elonex ONEt Plus provides access to email, your favorite digital files and the Internet all in a compact laptop computer. The ONEt Plus features two USB drives for expanded connectivity and storage devices. Use a USB flash drive with your ONEt Plus to transfer files from other computers or store backup copies of your valuable digital files.

Locate the USB ports along the left side of the Elonex ONEt Plus's display.  led light

Remove the cover from the end of the USB flash drive and insert it into the USB port.

3.Wait a few moments for your computer to recognize the flash drive.

Press the "USB Disk" button to access the files saved on the USB drive. Click the "MyFiles" button to open the folders that are stored on your hard drive. Click on a file and drag it into the USB drive folder to copy files from the Elonex to the USB flash drive.

Click the "Safely Remove Hardware and Eject Media" icon at the bottom of the screen. Click the "Eject" button in the "USB Flash Drive" entry to disconnect the USB's connection. It is now safe to remove the USB drive from the port.