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Nand Flash manufacturer Samsung still takes No 1 in 2 quarter,2011

Author : Samsung Electronics Date : 8/16/2011 6:12:42 AM
The Biggest Chipset manufacturer Samsung still takes the leading place in the market share of flash chipset during the second quarter of 2011. South Korea medium reported on August 4rd.

Due to the 9.1 big earthquake Japan in March 2001, the runner-up competitor Toshiba now lag behind Samsung even more, with 12.3 percent in gap. While the former fourth racer Hynix in the first quarter now catches up and overpasses the competitor Micron and takes the 3rd place in the chart. And according to research, the spot price for flash chipset collapsed over 10% on average, hitting the historical bottom line in the past 29 months.

The professional survey institute “ DRAMeXchange”said on 3rd of August that comparing to the same period of the past years, the market scope for flash chipset shrinked by 9%, equal to 4.88 billion USD. The market share is listed as: Samsung 40.1%(1.96 billion USD), followed by Toshiba 27.8%( 1.36 billion USD), and Hynix 13.1&(0.64 billion USD) and then Micron 11.3%(0.52 billion USD).

In the first quarter, the difference gap between Samsung and Toshiba was only 1.1%, while with the impact of the big hurricane, the market share of Toshiba fell by 7.3% comparing to the same period of the past years. To the second quarter, the market share gap between Samsung and Toshiba widened to be 12.3%. Besides, Hynix was listed to 4th with the market share of 10.7, but to the second quarter, its market share increased by 2.4% overally, which in due course enabled Hynix to beat Micron and became the 3rd place in the race.

Even though South Korea companies has scored good in the market of flash chipset, but the price for flash chipset kept dropping a lot with the typical expample: the well-known flash product “16Gb 2Gx8 MLC”was spot priced as 2.74USD/pc on average in July and dropped by 12.2% comparing to the month of May, which is said to be the lowest price ever since the last April of 2009 with the price 2.89USD. And other product like flash 64Gb、32Gb、8Gb also faced the price drop with the respective percentage 13.1%、9.9% and 26.3%.

Weterm bought about 38000000pcs Nand flash memory  in the second quarter for it's
usb memory stick, 60% made by Samsung, 20% from Hynix, and other 10% from Toshiba and Micron.
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