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Samsung, Hynix, Toshiba,Micron NAND Flash memory prices fall during August,2001

Author : Date : 8/19/2011 12:34:15 PM
The contract prices of NAND Flash memory chips declined during the first half of August, said market research firm DRAMeXchange yesterday.
According to the firm, during the beginning of August, the contract price for the 32-gigabyte MLC chip stood at US$4.35, a decline of 0.46 percent compared to the end of July. The price was a historic low.
The 32Gb TLC chip fell to US$4, its lowest this year and down 6.98 percent from the end of July. The price was close to its historic low of US$3.9, recorded in November of last year.DRAMeXchange attributed the declines to weak demands from clients, who are still digesting their inventories.According to the market research firm, prices may stabilize at the end of August as some clients begin to stock up on goods.Kingston Technology, the global leader in making memory chip modules, aired the same opinion, saying demands will pick up in the near future, as smart phone manufacturers such as Apple are slated to roll out new devices at the end of August.Prices should fall to a bottom at the end of August and stage a rebound in September, the firm said.NAND Flash is a memory chip that can effectively hold information even when the power of the device is off. In this regard NAND is different from dynamic random access memory (DRAM) chips, which can hold information only when the device's power is on. NAND applications include USB Drives and memory cards