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Why is it not possible to partition a USB Flash Stick?

Author : Date : 8/30/2011 11:53:26 AM
I have a 1GB FlashStick from cnmemory.de
(The same as Lexar Jumpdrive, but brand is kingston)
It came without any setup software!

Because other vendors ship Software with their sticks to
create a secure partition on a second partiton I would
like to do the same using a commercial software.
In order to be able to use the software I need two
partitons on the stick.

-- so far for the theory --

First of all I used the windows andministration console to
delete the partition that was already on the stick from
shipping time.

After that I wantet to create two partitions on the stick
but the administration console only offered making one
single partition over the whole size of the usb drive.

To be able to use the stick again I did that.

Now the funktion to delete this partition was greyed out by
windows.dm500 hd

Frustrated and in need to handle the problem I bought
Partition Manager 2005 from 7Tools/Paragon Software.
This manager was the only one I found able to handle
USB Flash Drives. Partition Magic can´t !!!

Using this Partition manager I´m able to create whatever
I want on the stick. The problem now is that after assigning
a drive letter to one partition I´m not able to do the same
with the second. Windows tells me that it needs a restart in
order to finish the changes but when it is restarted the second
partition still has o drive letter :-(

How am I going to take care of this?

Maybe there is someone who managed to have two partitions on one
stick without using the software of the sticks vendor to
accomplish this.
Or someone knows such a setup tool that works with any stick.

Neither cnmemory now lexar provides this for my stick, only

Many thanks


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